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Concept of Google Cloud Messaging / Cloud 2 Device Messaging

Concept of Google Cloud Messaging / Cloud 2 Device Messaging. By H.M.Pranav Kumar, Concept of Google Cloud Messaging. The Google cloud messaging is the concept introduced with the purpose of,       1) Asynchronous messaging from the application server.       2) To avoid polling of the client to save the battery power.       3) To make handling and routing of messages to different devices easier. Parties in GCM / C2DM GCM / C2DM is a concept in which three parties are involved. The parties are,      1) Application server.      2) Google cloud server.      3) Android app / Client. Application Server:     Application server is the business server in which the actual logic and the data is stored and to which the client interacts for the new data and requests for data and other processing needs. Google Cloud Server:      Google cloud server is based on cloud and it enables the GCM. It contains all the API needed for the application server to interact wit