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Complete On-Premise and Fully Customisable Chat Bot - Part 4 - Integrating the Natural Language Processor NLP

Welcome back Folks !! In our part 3 we have seen how to communicate to the bot that we have built. Each and every people would talk the same thing in the different format and on his style. For each response if we start writing the code, Imagine how hard its gonna be. What can we do for that ? Natural Language Processor makes it easy to do. NLP is a component that identifies the user conversation and identifies the meaningful context from that. What NLP is available ? There are few NLP services like, 1. Dialog flow 2. Luie 3. IBM Voice etc. But all these are the cloud services and we need to go internet for this. As we speaking about the on premise chat bot we will go for the RASA solution. What is RASA ? RASA is a Chatbot server and RASA NLU is the NLP server that comes handy and is built on the python tech stack. Its is a open source and backed by a strong community. Lets get started with RASA ... 1. Installing the python environment :  Since