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Complete On-Premise and Fully Customisable Chat Bot - Part 1 - Overview

Hey Folks !! Welcome back! For long time I was searching for the solution to make a in-house chatbot that operates with in the organisation and no compromise on the data security using the NLP cloud services or the Bot agents. Luckily I got to know about the combination of the BOTKIT and the RASA NLU can make this solution. I went on searching and searching for the solution for the long time and I could find the pieces here and there and completed the solution. I write this to help other folks to make this solution easier rather than searching a lot. The solution goes on as follows. Components are as follows : Front-End UI Botkit server / Agent server RASA NLU server  Business Logic Server DataSource  External Api if any Now seeing in detail what these components will do. Front-end UI : This is the component where the user interacts with. This can be on any technology like the Angular webapp or android app ...etc Borkit Server / Agent Server:

Complete On-Premise and Fully Customisable Chat Bot - Part 2 - Agent Building Using Botkit

Welcome back Folks !! In our part 1 we are reading about the overview of building the chat bot using botkit and the RASA NLU that runs in the premise without having dependency on the cloud services. Here we will be looking at developing our Chat Bot Agent server using the botkit framework. Building the Agent Preparing the environment We will start with setting up the environment for setting up the agent. Install the Node.  You can get the installer from here . Install the node after it gets downloaded.  Once it gets succesfuly installed, open the command prompt and type. If the output shows some version number means the installation is success. Installing the botkit using NPM (Node Package Manager) Choose some directory and make the following directory structure as follows. This is going to be the initial directory structure.  Execute the following commands to move into the Botkit folder cd Botkit Initialise the npm package.json usi