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Context based Data Driven Dynamic UI / ListView Problem and Solution

All we need is the good dynamic UI with the minimal code and the efficient one. We face several issues when such requirements like dynamically based on the context of what the user see on the screen, I need to get the data handler and network handler or some or all the components in my system or app should respond back with the actions and data with respect to the context. Being said this, setting the context to the reader about the problem in short and would go through on solution to solve the same. Problem: Few problems that comes into picture while developing an UI based applications like Mobile apps or the Web apps etc., we come across following problems, User is free to navigate to any screen. User is free to do any operation that might change the state of the data and if the data change its state the UI may take a state change.  Today the app may have few states what if tomorrow the state are huge. Should I handle all the states manually with switch case or if else