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How Machine Learning Works ? - Data Rules the Kingdom

W elcome Back Readers !, For those who have not read the previous post on How Machine Learning works ? Please do read previous one before continuing this so that it would be more easy to understand. You can find the previous post here How Machine Learning Works ? - Mathematics Every Where . For other who are ready to join with me in this journey to understand the Machine Learning, Thank you for being with this post. Till now we are discussing on the the title "How Machine Learning works? " and to understand that we have seen in the first post that there exist the patterns or trends in the data and we try to find that in terms of a mathematical equation called a model and try to fit to the new data that we have not came across for predicting the values. Wow may be we got the entire process complete with this. But there are few thinks that needs to be cared while training the model or creating the model or while processing the data for the model creation.

How Machine Learning Works - Mathematics every where

H ey Readers !!, Welcome back, Hope you have read the previous post before we start with this. Check out the previous post on How Machine Learning works Part 1 . For those who already read my previous post, Thanks a lot for continuing the journey to find the basics of Machine Learning. We stopped the previous post saying that we find the trends / Patterns that occur in the data and that forms the basis for the Machine Learning. Here we are starting with the topic to understand FROM WHERE DOES THIS MATHEMATICS came into picture for machine learning. Mathematics every where There was a statement in the previous post that all things in the nature follows some sort of Mathematics in the form of any physical science concepts. In the same way the patterns that exist in the nature that are visible in the data also rely on Mathematical concepts or the patterns can be represented in the mathematical form through the guiding equations.  y = mx + c is a mathematic

How Machine Learning Works ?

W elcome back readers !, Here with this post you will be taken into the journey of Machine learning and its working. Get ready for the wonderful journey, get set, seat belts on and lets get started. Machine learning, the boom word of today's market. The force of people towards this, Companies march towards this, Countries research on these but why all these happens, Is it a new technology ? What does it do for us ? Many people who are here reading this blog might have come across many blogs which explains this in very high technical jargon like Predictive analysis, Statistics, Mathematical Optimization, Supervised, Unsupervised, exploratory data analysis .. blah blah ...etc., Even I am a victim for this. This is very good for the person who already struggled to understand the basic of what is what, but for the beginners its again a language that is out of the earth. This blog intends to make all the people beginner or expert to understand the basic in simple terms ans