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GrowingListView - growing list view inside the scroll view

GrowingList View Introduction: The growing list view is a kind of list view that resembles the recycler view with the same style of the recycler view adapter. This library grows in the height as the height of the items inside dynamically. Problem Statement: The recycler view or the list view doesn't grow in size dynamically while being inside the scroll view. Also setting the height dynamically to the items height is programmatically achievable but it behaves differently on different devices. The growing list view is built to resolve this issue. Include the view provided by the library and include the adapter class in the project and set it to the list and see the magic that the list will be growing in size dynamically with the height of the height. How to include in your project: Just download the .aar file from the following link : . Include the .aar file into the project by new-->module-->import .aar mo